Answers to curious questions about Rottweiler dogs

Contrary to what is known, the benign, loyal, and obedient Rottweiler is a breed suitable for the family as long as they are in good hands. The owner of the Rottweiler should not forget that this breed is not a decorative dog but a working dog.

Rottweiler Breed

After the socialization process is completed, they can be a good playmate for children and get on well with animals and cats. However, past experiences with them also affect the dog’s behavior. His ears are triangular and his head is wide. Their tails are cut off and a few of the tail vertebrae are left. The severity of their bite was measured by ‘NationalGeographic’ and they are known as the world’s most violent biting dog. They are resistant and strong dog breeds.

Rottweiler Training

Dominant structures’ training should be calm, frequent, and strict. With their willingness to learn, obedience training should be. Perhaps the most important reason for adapting to many kinds of sports activities is being smart.

Rottweiler Care

They are not breeds that require a lot of hair care. Rottie’s hair should be cleaned with rubber gloves. Their ears should be kept clean and toenails should be short. They like cold weather, but a place to shelter should also be provided. Socializing should be frequent. They may show snoring and binge eating behavior. They have a life span of 10-12 years. They have 12 or more puppies at a time.

Rottweiler Character Structure

Being obedient, loyal, protective, strong, and brave are the most important character traits known. He does not hesitate to risk his own life to protect his family. They are strong and serious dogs that require a lot of attention. In addition to being observant, calm, and quiet, females show more barking behavior than males.

Rottweiler Feather Structure

There is also a thick inner feather layer with a thick, short-haired outer layer. It should always be in the form of brown spots on black. Some may have long hair, white breasts, but such colors are not suitable for this breed.

Rottweiler Exercise Needs

They need daily exercises. You can take it with you when you go on a tour of the forest. They can run with you while cycling; they like to swim and play with the ball. However, if you want more exercise than he can do, you cannot make him do it.

Rottweiler Living Environment

When enough exercise is done, they can live in an apartment. They can easily live in houses with a garden.

Rottweiler origin

This breed of dogs, also known as the Rottie, dates back to the Roman Empire when they were used for cattle grazing. It takes its name from Rottweil, a small town in Germany. Although it was threatened with extinction in the 1800s, it is a very popular breed today due to its many characteristics such as guard, trail, shepherd, and police dog. Besides its invincible appearance, it has a strong and courageous structure.

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