Things To Know About The English Bulldog

English Bulldog breed dogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. This dog breed, which is unique with its wrinkled facial features, has a very different character from its Bulldog ancestors. The English Bulldog, whose development lived in England, was banned for a while in the 19th century. This was because it was often used in dog fights. It takes its name, Bulldog, from here. Although its appearance is incredibly scary, the English Bulldog breed is extremely polite and firmly protects its owner. If it detects a threat from a stranger, it can become aggressive. If you want to own this unique dog, here are all the details about the English Bulldog …

English Bulldog Characteristics and Body Build

Origin: England
Character: Kind, Brave, Loyal
Feather Color: White, Cream, Brown, Chocolate, Spotted
Body: Medium, Large
Fur Structure: Short, Thin, Dense
Tail: Short

English Bulldog Character and Traits

The English Bulldog has been used frequently in dog fights in the past. Despite this, it is the most gentle and reliable dog breed in the world. This breed of dog is incredibly resistant to children. If the other child hurt him unknowingly, he waits calmly. The English Bulldog is very active as a puppy and loves to play games with its owner. However, after he starts to age, his movements slow down and he wants to live a quieter life. The most important feature of the English Bulldog breed is their facial features. With its small eyes, flattened nose, and drooping cheeks, it warms the eyes of those who see it. They drool frequently because of his facial structure. Besides, snoring is one of the most well-known characteristics of the British Bulldog breed.

The English Bulldog breed is an incredibly bland dog when compared to other Bulldog ancestors. However, if he detects any threat to his family, he can become incredibly aggressive. This shows that the English Bulldog breed is a good guard dog. Behaves incredibly brave towards the enemy. It is hard and can cause damage. The English Bulldog breed is a dog hungry for love. He uses every chance his owner shows love. He likes warm weather. He doesn’t like cold weather. The English Bulldog is a complete family dog ​​and is ideal for apartment living. If you have a house with a garden, the English Bulldog will spend its time in the house again. English Bulldog needs frequent attention. If he doesn’t get the proper attention from his owner, he can become depressed.

English Bulldog Grooming

Haircare of the English Bulldog breed is generally simple. Its short, thin, and dense hair can be combed once a week. Routines that are essential for English Bulldog care should be implemented for oral and dental health. The saliva of this breed flows very frequently. For this reason, their mouth and teeth should be cleaned every day and frequently with a damp cloth. This problem will become more pronounced with advancing age.

The teeth of the English Bulldog breed should be brushed regularly every week. This brushing process will be more efficient if done with a veterinarian’s prepaid. The skin of this breed is loose and wrinkled. Since its skin is sensitive, it should not be washed frequently. Instead, wrinkled skin should be wiped with a damp cloth every week. General body cleaning can be done by wiping. It is of great importance that they are wiped every week because their drooling is very frequent. This breed is very prone to gaining weight. Therefore, it is necessary to give food with veterinary control.

English Bulldog Body Build

The English Bulldog breed has a large body. It is about the size of an average dog. The skin on the whole body is soft. It has a drooping and wrinkled facial line. Their cheeks are drooping and their drooling is often black. Their eyes are low and small. The ears of this breed are small and triangular. The English Bulldog breed is usually white, brown, and spotted. Its tail is short. Feathers are short, dense, and fine. When you love, you touch the soft skin rather than the hair. The legs of this breed are short but have a muscular leg structure. His head is wide and powerful. His body is generally muscular. It has a waddling walking style due to its short legs. It may be better for you to get a dog muzzle due to public transport rules.

British Bulldog Relationship with Children and Animals

The English Bulldog breed fits perfectly with children. If you have a family with children, the English Bulldog breed will be just the type of dog you need. The English Bulldog is extremely patient with children. They love to play with them and never hurt. This breed can have a good relationship with other pets. It is generally a calm type of dog, but it can be incredibly aggressive towards strangers it will see outside. He adopts this attitude in order not to harm his owner. If you want to raise the English Bulldog breed in a more friendly way, you should keep them together with other dogs from the puppy’s state. This way, you raise a very tame and friendly English Bulldog.

British Bulldog Health Status

The English Bulldog breed, unfortunately, has a few inherited ailments like many other dog breeds. The English Bulldog breed has respiratory problems just like their ancestors. For this reason, he snores often. Eye problems can also be seen in the English Bulldog breed. This breed, which is incredibly sensitive to hot weather, must be kept in an air-conditioned environment. The English Bulldog breed can experience congenital skin problems and hip and knee issues. Since he is extremely prone to gaining weight, the load on his legs increases.

This can increase hip and knee problems. The feeding routine of the English Bulldog breed should only be carried out under veterinary control. Quality and nutritious foods recommended by the veterinarian should be given at certain time intervals. Other than that, no food should be given. The birth moment of the English Bulldog breed is quite difficult. If your adopted English Bulldog becomes pregnant, she should have a cesarean delivery with veterinary control. Otherwise, his birth will be very painful and difficult. If he is going to have a normal birth, he should go to veterinary control again this time. Against skin infections, the wrinkled skin, and the mouth that is constantly drooling should be cleaned with a damp cloth every day.

Can the English Bulldog Train?

The English Bulldog breed is a bit cold when it comes to training. This dog breed is the most loyal dog breed to be seen. Also, it will prevent harm to its owner due to its protective attitude, but it does not look very favorable to education, especially since it will adopt a calmer lifestyle, especially in later years. If you want to train the English Bulldog breed, you should start with the puppy.

While the puppy English Bulldog is an extremely active dog, it turns into an adult dog that lies all day and loves him. For this reason, if you have an idea to train the English Bulldog breed, you should get them while they are puppies. The English Bulldog breed is a very smart dog. Thanks to this clever attitude, he understands every command spoken. If he does something mischievous at home, he realizes that you are angry with him and won’t repeat it. However, due to his laziness, he cannot keep up with a strict educational system.

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