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How do you get dogs used to bathing?

After sharing this information with you, let’s come to the main section. While washing the dog, you should not use harsh words on the dog and make him nervous, otherwise this practice can become cruel or an ordeal.

When talking to them, your tone of voice should be calm and reassuring. So when you give them commands, you need to speak and speak the way you like, not the way you speak. To keep the dog calm in the bath, you can relax by giving him soft massages. It is very important in shampoo when washing dogs. If you use soap or other substances, it can damage its fur structure and skin.

The most sensitive place for dogs while bathing in their paws. As the water touches their paws, they may want to lose their paws with sudden reflexes. While washing the paws, they should be descended from top to bottom slowly and by massaging. You may experience a negative reaction or behavior that can disturb the paw and wash it suddenly.

The best way to choose a dog shampoo is to go to the vet. Because every dog ​​breed has different hair and skin structure. Do not use human shampoo as dog shampoo. This can cause skin irritation and hair loss. The temperature of the water is also important when bathing the dog. When washing the dog, the water temperature should be neither hot nor cold, otherwise the dog may react suddenly.

Preparing your materials before you start washing the dog will help you and the dog during this application. Having the necessary items with you when washing the dog, such as dog shampoo, brush, awards, and towels, will shorten the washing time. Before washing the dog, plus the dog’s ear holes with dry cotton so that they do not get water.

If you have a stiff-eared dog, you can skip this step. However, be careful not to get water in your ears. It will be better for you and your dog to leave the head and face area for the last time. It is necessary to introduce the dog to water and shampoo first and to get used to this situation. During the shampooing process, shampoo should not get into the dog’s ears, mouth, nose, and eyes.

You need to rinse carefully and seriously. If dogs’ fur is long and thick, shampoo residue may remain, so you should rinse with plenty of water and carefully to prevent this from happening.

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