General Physical Characteristics of the Presa Canario Dog and How Presa Canario Dog Training Is Given?

How Presa Canario Dog Training Is Given?

Dogs that have lived together with people and took on different tasks from past to present have always been a loyal friend of people. With the development of technology, buildings were built and dogs took their place in city life. People who like to live with dogs have started to take care of dogs by giving training in apartments and this number has increased after positive results.

With the breeding of dogs in line with the desire of people to have different dog breeds, different dog breeds emerged and they emerged in hybrid breeds that have their own characteristics as well as their breeds. Before adopting a Presa Canario breed, which originates in ancient Spain and was discovered in the 1500s, you should get to know it well to give it a good education and keep its bonds with you strong.

General Physical Characteristics of the Presa Canario Dog

Presa Canario, which is one of the hybrid breeds obtained by breeding people with the desire to know and adopt new dog breeds, is a dog breed that attracts attention with its appearance and physical strength. With its strong bone structure and muscular body, it is used by many people as a guard dog in settled living areas such as farms.

Being calm and having a deep affection for their owners, this dog breed does not show the same affectionate attitude towards strangers. Male Presa Canario dogs can grow up to 65 cm, while female Presa Canario dogs can grow up to 61 cm. They are included in the medium-sized dog group with their stature length.

Male Presa Canariolas can weigh up to 60 kg, while females can reach 45 kg. The back color of these dogs, whose chest is white, can differ. The back can be gray, black, or red. It proves that it has an unusual body with its wide shoulder and muscular structure. It has a very strong jaw structure and it is difficult to let go of something they grasp with its jaw.

This dog breed, which has very short hair and a hard coat, sheds even though it is not very intense and this amount increases during the transition from summer to winter and from winter to summer. This dog breed with well-developed leg muscles needs long walking and exercises that can release energy.

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