If you see this ‘googly-eyed’ creature in your backyard, here’s what it means

The world around us truly is a fascinating place, and one that continues to conjure wonders even today, when most people would tell you we’ve seen and explored pretty much all there is to see and explore.

The rise of the internet means that as a global collective we’re privy to things our ancestors never were. Take, for example, things occurring in the daily lives of people living on the other side of the Earth.

A by-product of this rapid progression of wisdom sharing and mass media is that we’re constantly given the opportunity to learn and expand our own horizons. Thanks to the internet, I’ve seen all manner of things that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen, including animals and insects that quite literally seem to be out of this world.

Now, I like to consider myself fairly knowledgeable where nature is concerned, but I have to confess that when I stumbled upon a photo depicting a creature one Australian woman purported to have found in her backyard, I immediately assumed it had to be fake.

And I wasn’t the only one…

As per reports, the homeowner in question took to social media after making an eye-catching find, asking internet users to help her define exactly what it was she had spotted curled up against a hedge in her backyard in Sydney, Australia.

Credit / Facebook

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