The world thinnest woman is Valeria Levitin. She became known to the world because of her extremely low body weight.
Valerie was born in Russia in 1973. She started model at the age of 16 after her parent move to Monaco. At that age she was said to be weighing about 64 kilograms but she let peer pressure and bullying to determine her fate.
Due to the extreme desire to have a perfect body as a model, she decided to shed some weight off. She took this decision after been mock by her classmate that her butty could cover the gate if a football field and also when she was told she’s too fat to be a model.
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For this reason valerie decide to loss weight, at first she was looking perfect but the extreme desire to have a very perfect body, become more beautiful and slim couldn’t let her stop loosing the weight. She continued up to the point that stopping her was impossible.
She developed a disease that had affected several girls over the world which is Anorexia- loss of appetite.
At the time she turned 24, she was weighing about only 38kg but she still wanted to be more slimmer and beautiful. It was later it dawn on her tht she had gone tok far after realizing she might die soon, she and her family turned to the doctor for help but there is a little that can be done as the matter had gone out of hand.
They tried helping her regain back her body, taught her how to eat well and love her body but it was already too late. Valerie cannot return back to normal.
Valerie got so illed and all the diagnosis prescribed to help her situation were all abortive.
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She could no longer put on weight upon all the regular visit to the specialist for over 10 years. She tried taking supplement which helped her a little but that didnt stop her from looking so pale, sick and thin.
Upon all this, she said that she still receive a lot of calls from different girls all over the world to educate them on how they could be able to loose weight that much but her reply had always being: “I will never teach any girl the road to death”.
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At the end valerie realized she had made a very big mistake by chasing fashion and letting what people say about her determine who she become.
Valerie later died at the age of 39 on December 1,2013 as her body could no longer cope with thiness and all the disease she had already developed. At the time of her death she was weighing only 25 kilogram.
Who would ever believe that was Valerie before and after..
Valeria Levitin as a child. Swipe for more recent photos. :  r/MakeMeSufferMore
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Just because of wanting to become a model, desire to have a perfect shape is driving a lot of girls to their early grave.

She said: ‘I would love to have a family because I feel I have so much to give. But obviously it wouldn’t be right to have a baby when I am ill. It wouldn’t be fair on the child. 

‘I want to stand up to anorexia. I’ve never given up on anything in my life and I’m not about to give up now.’

Valeria would like people suffering from eating disorders like hers to get help. You can find support by going to 

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