Why do many drivers press two power window buttons at the same time and what does this hidden function offer

Have you ever found yourself struggling to close your car windows after turning off the ignition? The standard window controls seem powerless, leaving you in a predicament. Fear not, as there’s a hidden function that savvy drivers are utilizing to overcome this challenge.

The Dilemma: Window Closure Without Ignition

Car owners often encounter situations where closing the windows becomes essential after the ignition is turned off. A single press of the button proves ineffective, and the conventional methods fall short. Reinserting the key into the lock and restarting the ignition appears to be the only solution.

But what about passengers left in the car without the driver? Imagine sudden rain catching them off guard. Calling the driver back might be inconvenient, but there’s a clever alternative provided by manufacturers to activate the window lifts.

The Hidden Function: Closing All Windows Simultaneously

To close all of your car’s windows effortlessly, embrace the hidden power within your window controls. It’s as simple as holding down both front window buttons in the upper position simultaneously. Within a few seconds, witness the magic as the windows gracefully rise and close completely.

But here’s the trick – keep those buttons pressed. The auto-close feature might not be universally supported in this mode across all car models. Persistence is key when conventional methods prove futile in closing the windows.

Mastering the Technique

  1. Identify the Situation: Recognize instances where the standard window controls fall short, such as post-ignition shutdown or when passengers are left unattended.
  2. Simultaneous Button Press: Hold down both front window buttons in the upper position simultaneously.
  3. Wait for the Magic: After a few seconds, experience the windows obediently responding to your command, rising to close without the need for key reinsertion.
  4. Caution – Continuous Pressing: Keep those buttons pressed until the windows are fully closed. Some car models may not support the auto-close feature if the buttons are released too soon.

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